6 Tips for Parents of Teens Going to College for the First Time

Sending your kid off to college for the first time can be a daunting experience. While the looming threat of an empty nest and the shock of a suddenly quiet household can feel uncomfortable, 诸如“我怎么付这个钱”之类的唠叨问题?和“我的孩子会安全吗??是彻头彻尾的痛苦. 

对于那些不熟悉这个阶段的人, it’s natural to find yourself lost in a whirlwind of excitement and anxiety. To ease your concerns and help navigate this exciting yet nerve-wracking transition, we’ve curated a list of tips for parents of soon-to-be college students.  


Prepare early by discussing college expenses and exploring 金融援助 options like scholarships and grants. The earlier you submit your FAFSA and scholarship or grant applications, 你就越有可能得到更多的经济支持, 所以一定要赶在重要的截止日期之前完成! Look into both federal and private student loans for tuition and other expenses. 

现实是你们在一起能做的只有这么多. Make sure to sit down with your future college student and create a realistic budget for when they’re at school, 包括学校用品和食物等费用, 比较一下大学费用. Encouraging smart spending habits and exploring other avenues for income like work-study programs or part-time jobs can help your child maintain ownership over their expenses. Open communication about finances will help set your child up for success as they navigate this new chapter in their life. 

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大学校园总体上是非常安全的, but they’re safest when students maintain awareness and keep themselves out of compromising situations. Encourage your child to stay alert and be aware of their surroundings on campus, 尤其是在晚上, 并提醒他们尽可能结伴旅行.  

大多数大学也有全天候的安全服务. Save campus emergency contacts to your phone, and make sure your child has them saved as well. Support your child to make informed decisions by maintaining open communication about their college experiences.  

UB使用LiveSafe正规的网赌平台程序, 它允许用户分享他们的位置, 向校园保安发送提示和信息, 获取紧急服务, 和更多的. This app may provide both you and your child with a sense of comfort as your child navigates a college campus for the first time.  

访问我们的 校园安全 点击此处了解更多信息. 


Academically speaking, college is a big transition from high school. First-year students may feel overwhelmed by the sudden influx of work and deadlines. 他们感到不知所措是很正常的.  

Encourage your child to familiarize themselves with campus academic resources, 比如辅导, 学习小组, 数学实验室, 和更多的. Sit down with your child and teach them the importance of time management and organizational skills so they can keep up with their class schedule.  

You can foster a supportive environment by encouraging their independence during this time of transition, but make sure to let them know you’re always available for guidance.  

在UB的校园里 赫克曼中心, 我们提供学术指导, 辅导, and other resources to help your student make the most of their college education. 参考我们的 学生学业成功办公室 了解更多.  


 Still wondering how to best help your student adjust to the college transition? 请访问我们的在线中心了解更多信息! 



Parents can help prioritize their child’s mental health by fostering open conversations about emotions压力管理和自我照顾. 鼓励你的孩子建立健康的日常生活, 包括充足的睡眠, 均衡的营养, 有规律的锻炼.  

Emphasize the importance of seeking campus mental health resources if needed and remind them that it’s okay to ask for help. 大学是一个重大的转变所以你的孩子感受到非常大的情绪是很正常的. 保持联系和支持, offering a listening ear and validating their experiences as they navigate the emotional challenges of transitioning to college life. 

在正规的网赌平台, comprehensive counseling is available to current students at no additional cost. 了解更多十大网赌平台UB的信息 咨询服务 今天.  


Your child’s dorm room is their new home — help them make sure it’s a practical and comfortable escape from the stressors of college life. 

一起创建一个清单 必需品,如床上用品,存储解决方案,和更多以及能让他们有宾至如归感觉的物品. 鼓励实际购买, considering dual-purpose furniture and organizational tools to optimize space, and remind them to personalize their space for comfort and a sense of 熟悉 同时牢记宿舍的规定和限制. Support their decisions while offering guidance to optimize their dorm room experience. 


It’s normal for students to feel some semblance of homesickness after leaving for school. 这是大学转型的一个自然部分.  

If your child reaches out to you about homesickness, it’s important that you validate their feelings. Make sure to foster open communication and schedule regular check-ins. Encourage your child to create a network of support on campus through friendships, 俱乐部及活动, 和更多的. Becoming involved on campus can help create a sense of belonging, making college feel more like home and giving your child a safety net of support they can turn to. 

许多学生发现 过渡对象or meaningful trinkets from home — serve to ease their adjustment to college. 此外, it might be helpful to remind your child of home by sending them occasional care packages. Daily calls or monthly visits might also help ease some of your child’s homesickness — just make sure to honor their requests for independence at the same time.  

授权 你的学生在他们的旅途上 

当你准备送孩子上大学时, 我们希望 these tips serve as a guiding compass through this transformative journey. 从财务准备到学术支持, 这些见解旨在缓解你和你的孩子的焦虑 因为他们进入了人生的新篇章. 

记住这些策略, both parents and their budding scholars can confidently embrace the upcoming college adventure with open arms. 

 If you have any other questions for us during this transitional period, please visit our 网站 获取更多提示和联系信息.  

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